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The hot water in a dishwasher expands the wood and eventually, you will get cracking and the woods positive properties will all have degraded. Cutting Board Woods We Like to Make It Easy On You You can make unique and special cutting boards out of many different hardwoods because all you need is a wood that's hard, dense, and tight grained. If you've purchased a wooden cutting board, you'll need to apply a finish to prevent the board from becoming damaged with use. Wood cutting boards stand out as the best option for cutting boards, thanks to their rustic charm and long lasting quality. The 13.5-inch diameter of the round walnut cutting board gives you ample space to chop, slice, shred, or dice ingredients smoothly. Wood Dust Inhalation Treatments For Woodworking Workshop. Are there any wood types to stay away from, ie: ash, purpleheart, birch, padauk, red oak, ipe (have some scraps to use up), or yellow pine? Wood is naturally porous, so it absorbs the oil you rub on it. If you plan to make your homemade cutting board, you should know what the best wood for a cutting board is. It is water- and scratch-resistant, though more likely to dull knives. It is a solid, closed-grained wood that thrives in the tropics. Edge Grain vs. End Grain: Which One to Choose? Still, it should not be too heavy for lifting and storing. It faces all kinds of ingredients, leaving stains and residues that are tough to clean. 95. Credit goes the round shape of the unit that makes it an ideal charcuterie board, serving platter, and chopping board. And this round wood cutting board by Virginia Boys Kitchens is an all-rounder. Now that we’ve revealed that maple is the best wood for cutting boards, it’s time to get your hands on one! There are many types of boards out there, and you will know how quickly you can get overwhelmed by it. Here are the best cutting boards for all of your culinary needs. Cutting boards serve various purposes. One type of wood that is vied for this characteristic is maple–Hard rock maple is approved by NSF or National Sanitation Foundation International and is preferred by commercial kitchens. Along with different kinds of wood that are already identified as a suitable material to work with making a chopping board, here are specific features that your material must meet to make a durable and reliable kitchen tool. Best Wood for Cutting Board in 2020 Maple. For customers and clients, another factor for choosing a cutting board is their preference in style. While some of the wood options can be a bit pricey, there’s no need to spend big just to get a high-quality wood cutting board. Maple is one of the most common materials for cutting boards, and I mostly limited much of my testing pool to that, though I did include a few teak boards and one acacia, since they're popular options on the more affordable end. Wood cutting boards are available in walnut, cherry wood, ash, oak, maple, and teak. Bamboo matures in only 3-6 years, and it is 1,380 lbf hard, even stronger than most wood. This makes cutting boards from softwood trees out of the game since they are most likely to disappoint in this feature alone. It gives more resistance to moisture and bacteria than teak because of the size of its pores. If you plan on making one but don't know what the best wood for cutting board is, then just read everything above to get the idea of how each wood is good than the other. If a board is heavily stained use salt and lemon juice to clean it. In this list, walnut is considered the softest though still one of the best wood to work with when making cutting boards. It has a timeless reversible design, and it’s the perfect size with plenty of chopping space. Although trees are a renewable source, it takes a considerable amount of time to grow. Other than hard maple wood, beech is known to be second to the most scratch-resistant and knife-friendly for making cutting boards. The cutting or chopping board is one of the most sought-after items in the kitchen. Finding the right maple… For a classic board that will last a lifetime, we love this John Boos edge grain cutting board. Let’s learn more about the best wood for cutting boards that we have checked out for you. This has a combination of soft and hard textures, which is acknowledged as the perfect combination for a cutting board. Cutting boards made from wood can be found in many different varieties – including walnut, cherry, maple, teak, pecan, and oak. Because of their rustic charm and long-lasting quality. Create a divot in the cutting board — which you can use for olives and spices — with a wood chisel and hammer. 2) What are the standards that make it a great material as a chopping block? We proudly offer boards that far exceed the “store-bought” standard. $99.95 Your email address will not be published. Of all the options of wood cutting board, Maple is by far the most common. What is good about cutting boards is you can easily make one at home. A significant factor for sanitary purposes is the type and quality of wood; the cutting board is made from; even though, a protective coating is applied upon finishing. Wood must be as solid as possible to resist absorbing too much water since wood expands upon contact with moisture and contracts once it dries–this action easily wears the wood. Upon drying, maple contracts more often than the walnut and teak, so monthly to bi-monthly conditioning is advised. This serves as a guide for what to look for in either choosing the best cutting board or getting the best wood as the material to make one. Its color comes in an attractive array from cream to pink and brown, although stains become more conspicuous than in other types of wood. Maple boasts a light color and a very subtle grain that helps to give it a neutral look. The measurement is in pounds-force or lbf. The mighty maple has long been one of the most popular types of woods for use in chopping boards. It serves as a versatile tool for food preparation, serving, and other rigorous kitchen work.

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